oneHEALTH is a solution based on blockchain technologies to ensure encryption, transferability and privacy by design of health apps and wearables

An open source, interoperable and secure health data record. Our solution will give users better Access and ownership of their own data, while setting products implementing oneHEALTH a step ahead of their competition


Patient empowerment through an exclusive user-proprietary record of personal data, which ensures confidentiality, trust and privacy by design.

oneHEALTH provides an open source, accessible framework for health apps and wearables of the future – oneHEALTH is also a community of developers and experts, improving health solutions into disruptive products.


Distributed, interoperable

oneHEALTH is the opportunity to access, combine and analyse data from more than one product in one same record


Privacy by design means the data will be protected always and only the user, owner of the data, may decide if and with whom to share it

Based on blockchain distributed technologies

Data stored securely in a block, ensuring data integrity, confidentiality and trust. Each block will be part of oneHEALTH distributed ledger

Solution Proposed and Unique VALUE PROPOSITION

Benefits of oneHEALTH as a USER

  • Easy transfer between devices

    • Access and combine data from various products, avoiding problems with different formats

  • Access all your data in one same place

  • Privacy by design

  • Data is encrypted at all times

  • Blockchain technology

  • Ensures data confidentiality and trust

  • FREE for users


Benefits of oneHEALTH as a COMPANY

  • Ready to implement software
    • Data encryption, compliance to GDPR, blockchain, data transferability and data analysis potential
    • With no requirement for your company to be expert in blockchain.
  • Technical and consultancy support for software implementation
  • Attract new customers

    • Offer a ground-breaking solution of privacy by design and patient empowerment.

  • Become part of an open source community
  • Potential for increased functionalities
  • Become an early adopter of new technology


OneHEALTH is being developed by EUROB Creative, a healthcare ICT company stablished in 2014 and based in Madrid, Spain.

We have a dedicated and intersectoral team covering multiple profiles including software development, research, business development and business management, UX/UI design and market analysis.

The developments of oneHEALTH stem from our already launched product, InCity Together.

This project has received funding from the European Commission H2020 Programme through its involvement in the Ledger Project.